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    Buckle Up: Follow Rocky & Mayur To Shillong & Guwahati In Bira 91’s Latest Hot Stuff Episodes

    Bira posted on 07 February

    The north-eastern states are known for their abundant beauty, distinctive delicacies and exotic charm and in the last two episodes of Bira 91’s Hot Stuff series, we dive into the hearts of Meghalaya and Assam to discover their love for the hottest chilli ever! With the luscious looking chillies that pack in a whole lot of spice and zing, bookmark these dishes to make it a trip to remember. 

    Pork Nei long

    Pork lovers, the Khasi delicacy Doh Nei Iong, will sweep you off your feet. With the rich aroma of spices and the fragrance of smoked pork, this pork dish stood out from the rest thanks to its liberal use of black sesame. Black sesame is safely the hero of this dish that lends it its unique flavour. This is a dish not to be missed if you are in Meghalaya.


    It’s a famous Assamese dish made from dried and burnt banana skin ashes, with water filtering it to form the base of the gravy. Mixed with lentils, meat, fish or vegetables, the Khar is transformed into finger-licking goodness. So, make sure you try this exotic dish on your trip to Guwahati.

    Masoor Tenga

    A delicious Assamese dish, this one is extremely refreshing on the palate. The fish curry is made with everything sour and yet it magically turns out to be delicious. The fish is slow cooked in a rich, tangy broth made with tomato and lemon and the end result is a mouthwatering preparation, that’ll make you fall in love at the first bite.


    Jadoh is a very popular dish among the Khasi community of Meghalaya. Prepared with red rice and cooked with generous amounts of pork meat, it is also cooked with chicken or fish. A mix of green chillies, onions, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and bay leaves is made before pieces of pork are added and fried off. Finally, red rice is added and cooked off. The addition of turmeric imparts the rice its rich yellow colour and an aromatic flavour.

    Doh Khlieh

    A wholesome meal that is healthy and yummy at the same time, Doh Khlieh is a delicious salad made out of minced pork, onions and chillies. If you are in the mood for some fusion food, some places dish up Doh-Khlieh with a Mexican touch by adding beans, tomatoes, carrots and lemons.

    If you haven’t already, add Shillong and Guwahati to your travel bucketlist and experiment with your food preferenced. With a wide range of dishes to try out and the beautiful sohmynken chilies that populate Meghalaya and the hottest Indian chili of all, bhut jolokia, you’ll be adding spice to your life in the most literal sense.

    Watch episode 7 and 8 of Hot Stuff, as Rocky and Mayur travel through the beautiful north-east. 

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