Roaches Or Icky Stains, This Housekeeping Service Has You Covered


You can bid adieu to all your home cleaning and pest woes. HiCare’s professional hygiene and home cleaning services will get rid of any pests and stains around your home.

All The Cleaning You Want To Avoid, Done For You

Whether it’s those oil stains in the kitchen or that suspicious looking fungus on your bathroom tiles, these guys do it all. They do bathroom cleaning, car cleaning, curtain and mattress steaming, floor polishing, and kitchen cleaning. The result is spotless floors, cobweb free rooms and clean furniture; all done by a team of experts while you get to relax. They also do intensive cleaning, if you want the works.

Furniture Spas, Pest Removal And Clean Air

In addition to these services, they offer sofa, chair and carpet spas. So forget about that stain on your sofa from that last house party or that dirty carpet you’ve been trying to clean. If you’re looking to get rid of some pests around your home or car, they do it too. Mosquitos, termites, cockroaches or bed bugs, these guys have solutions to them all. If you’re sick of Delhi’s pollution, they have air purifiers on their website. They also provide netting services for birds of all sizes {seriously, is there anything they don’t do?}.

So, We're Saying...

Ditch those rubber gloves and get a professional level of home cleaning. We especially recommend their pest control services. Check out HiCare’s super organized website, you can book the service you want and even pay on EMI.