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How To Make Your Living Room More Cosy And Inviting

    A living room is the place where you put your feet up after a taxing day. It’s where you cuddle with bae on a couch to Netflix and Chill. The space in your house that comes alive when you have friends and fam over for a celebration. Which is why the living room needs to be cozy, inviting and spacious, to allow you to unwind, rest and be completely yourself. Here are 6 ways you can bring in the good vibes and warmth into your living room. The end game? A living room no one wants to leave!

    Bring In The Greens

    Wait, don’t skip this section just because you’re pretty sure you’ll never have a green thumb. Fresh-cut greenery or even pampas grass can bring the same sense of warmth and comfort that houseplants do. Just bring the outdoors inside and put them in a chic vase. For those of you who love to parent plants, we have curated a list of places you can shop plants and planters online from. The Decor Remedy has tall statement planters that can really elevate the look of your living space. 

    Layer With Rugs & Throws

    Award Velvets

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    Want to create interest and a sense of never-ending comfort? Get brightly-hued seating (sofa, pouffes and ottomans), and layer up the space with rugs, cushions and throws. The layered look helps in making the space cosy. You can never have too many pillows! It is an instant (and relatively budget-friendly) way to bring texture, pattern and color to your living area. Award Velvets has everything you need to up your layering game.

    Incorporate More Natural Materials


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    Use natural wood in furniture, panelling and as a decorative element as much as possible. An organic element brings a cozy, unfussy look and feel to a modern living space. Lakkadhaara is a Rajasthan-based furniture store that makes the most exquisite furniture with natural materials like rattan and mango wood. Since rattan is all the rage right now, you can add planters, storage baskets, and more made out of natural fibers to add texture and earthiness to your space.

    Add Personality To The Shelves


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    What’s an inviting living space without the comfort of books? Display your favourite reads on the living room shelf and you won’t have to tell your guests to make themselves at home. Plus a bookshelf comes in handy to bring a personal touch into your living space. You can add artwork, kitschy objects (Viskaa Store), quirky accents (Uru India), family photos (Yatha Photo Frames) and more. Just what you need to give your people a peek into your inner world and start great conversations. Want to nail the shelfie look? Here’s how you can do it in a minute!

    Don’t Forget A Statement Floor Lamp

    Lafayette Lights

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    Don’t we crave for the soft, warm light of a lamp when snuggled up on the sofa? Or the ambient glow of string lights when binge-watching our favourite rom-com? Apart from the ceiling lights, these play an important role in creating a warm & cosy atmosphere. We suggest you add a statement floor lamp that also adds to the visual aesthetics of the room. If you wish to keep it minimalistic, Lafayette Lights has just the floor lamp for you.

    All Of The Above + Art


    Available on LBB

    Plenty of comfortable seating upholstered in rich fabrics. A fluffy area rug to give the room a warm, inviting feel. Bookshelves and cocktail tables for providing necessary storage. Plants to add colour and liveliness. All boxes ticked, now for the final touch of a large-sized artwork to set your space apart. You can commission Art By Aarohi to create a captivating artwork for a bare wall in your living room. Or check out Custde for their stunning wall art panels.