With all the light, colours, sounds, smells, and general chaos at a music festival in a 17th century palace {in the middle of the desert no less}, it can be hard to wrap your head around what is going on. Magnetic Fields is an sensory explosion of stimulation {from without, or within}, so with that in mind we’ve got a little guide to help you manage your self-curated madness.

#LBBTip: Planning a last minute trip? Then make sure you have these five items you can’t leave home without.

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This year the North Stage, or night stage, will continue its tradition of resplendent light showcases with banging music. The only change will be that it is now officially the Red Bull Music Academy stage, which will showcase a strong selection of Indian and international talent.

Here are a few acts you should definitely hit up at the North Stage.

DJ Koze

Now this is one we’re excited for! German DJ Koze is flying down to fling his smooth techno beats at your aural cavities, all while under the stars in an architectural wonder of a desert palace. One for the electronic music lovers, this one.


A brilliant DJ in his own right, Objekt has perhaps been overshadowed by some of the other names on the line-up {but after Ratatat who hasn’t really?}. Like most modern DJs it is hard to pin his music down, but we would consider it an adventurous, swirling mass of genre mashing tunes.

Sandunes and Jiver collab as Perfect Timing

We don’t know much about this collab yet, but we love the individuals. Sandunes {Mumbai} and Jiver {Kolkata} met on tour while playing with Dualist Inquiry and immediately combined. The duo have released a track Tangerine Fool, and after one listening we love their melodic, glitch oriented style. An intriguing combo to say the least.

Special Mention: RATATAT! We thought it too obvious to add them to this list, and we’re totally assuming they are playing the RBMA stage, but we had to mention them once!


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The delightfully decorated South, or day, stage is always a treat. Whether you wake up early {and super hungover} and catch some of the soothing tunes while lazing in the lawn, or you arrive late to get pumped up for the RBMA stage and the night ahead, the South stage rarely disappoints.

Shigeto {LIVE!}

Experimental American beatsmith Shigeto will be arriving at Magnetic Fields for his first gig in India. Melodically stunning, heavy on the beats and the perfect combination of old world musical charm and new age electronica, Shigeto is a spine tingling act you cannot miss.


We had the pleasure of hearing them live when they came to Delhi earlier in the year. With entrancing vocals and beautiful production value we’re excited to see what they can do at a larger, more energetic venue. Oh HVOB, can’t want to be transfixed by you once again.

Peter Cat Recording Co.

A real personal favourite this one. We heard Delhi-based Peter Cat Recording Co. live for the first time at the first Magnetic Fields in 2013 and it literally shook our musical worlds. Ever since, every gig we’ve heard has been a combination of funk, jazz & blues, and genuinely heartwarming. We can’t wait!

Special Mention: Indian acts Sid Vashi, the F16s, and Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator, all of whom we love and are looking forward to.


[toggler title=”Heineken Desert Disco” ]

Last year’s Desert Disco Oasis is back with a different moniker. The curated stage will play right by the bedouin and pitched tent camps, giving you some tasty beats to wake up to.

BASSFoundation Roots

Delhi-based dub sound system by Delhi Sultanate will be there promoting D&B, dubstep and reggae to kick your brain awake. You’ll thank them later.

264 Cru

Jetting in from Dubai is the all-vinyl afrobeat crew of 264 Cru. With jazz, funk and hip-hop infused tracks, what a way to wake up in the morning!


French producer M.Mat has been a staple of the Bhavishyavani Future Soundz crew in Mumbai since its inception. He’ll be at the Heineken stage helping you kick off the day in style.


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One of the beautiful aspects of Magnetic Fields is that when they say the party never stops, they mean it literally. Post the night stage {that, lets face it, goes on till the day}, there is a ‘secret’ after party in a different location on the palace grounds.

Locations usually include the rooftop {with a mind-boggling view of the sunrise} and the Garden of Senses in some way. While by definition these secret parties are not revealed till the day of the festival, and sometimes even later than that, we have some details about this year!

One great secret party we’re looking forward to is the collab between Thump and Border Movement in a showcase of Pakistani and Indian electronic artists. While we don’t know what they have in store for us, the Pakistani artists on this year’s line-up, like Rudoh and TMPST, are brilliant acts in their own rights and this one has us excited.

The second secret party we know of will be held in the dungeons of Alsisar Mahal. This showcase, in collab with Resident Advisor, will feature Soulspace and Bostonian act Soul Clap.


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With all the excitement and drama of being caught up in a whirlwind of colour, light and sound, all in an ancient building of a bygone era, it can be easy to forget another one of Magnetic Fields star performers. The food.

Curated and created by the magnificent and accommodating staff of the Alsisar Mahal, the delicacies at the food market can be delightful. While definitely on the expensive side, make sure you save some cash to treat yourself {or at the very least try} some of their dishes.

If memory serves us correctly, last years list of tasty treats included wood fired pizzas, waffles and desserts, hot naan wraps and snacks and some of the most delicious Rajasthani traditional cuisine we’ve ever had. Never before has paying so much for Laal Maas been worth it.


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Nishant-ShuklaImage courtesy: Nishant Shukla

Not only is Magnetic aurally spectacular, it ain’t too shabby visually either. With a growing reputation for interesting light shows, beautiful décor and interactive, imaginative art installations, this year’s fest will be more creative than ever.

Anjali Mody is one of the three major artists to participate in 2015. Her two installations, of laser-cut steel depicting illustrations, will be located by the courtyard fountain on the palace grounds and in the Bedouin tent area.

The second artist will be Shreya Oza, whose installation will be a hollow cube of paper bricks. The bright colours and integrated patterns of the installation, along with plans for it to be an interactive space, make this work one not to miss.

Coming back after their success last year is the artist duo of Shilo Shiv Suleman and Heather Andrews who will be working on an interactive mural in Alsisar. The Fearless x Urban Annointments project will take one week; the duo will lead a workshop before using the remaining six days to paint in a public space.

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Nishant-Shukla-2Image courtesy: Nishant Shukla

What else, what else? If you really believe you’ll have the energy to do anything other than eat, drink, listen to music, sleep, repeat; then more power to you. For those of you faith keepers and believers, there are a series of other activities you can take part in during the festival.

These will include regular morning yoga sessions, hosted by Namrata Sudhindra from Nikaya Yoga, to help you stretch the strain and fatigue from your danced out limbs. If health isn’t your thing {ahem}, then you could just join Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat who plan to host a delicious sounding chocolate tasting session at the Mahal.

For the more adventurous amongst you, there is always the now-traditional Magnetic Fields treasure hunt. In collab with luxury leather design brand Nappa Dori this year’s hunt promises to be bigger than ever, with a payout more exciting than before {the first clue could be right in front of your eyes!}. If you’re up for a different kind of adventure then check out Burrnink Studio’s pop-up tattoo studio that will be at the festival!

Of course if you’re not really in the mood for too much action then you can always hit up the peaceful stargazing sessions that will take place on the rooftop.
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