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HTW Bakers For Low Sugar & Multigrain Munching


    HTW Bakers at Bhogal does some crazy varieties of biscuits, cookies, munchies, loafs and more in low sugar and healthy variants.


    HTW Bakers in the Bhogal Jangpura Market is baking some goodness for sure. Upon entering, to your right, are shelves stacked with cookies and biscuits that are sure to get you tizzy. Wholewheat, honey oats, multigrain, chocolate chip,marble cookies, cashew, pista comprise some of what they have to offer. As you contemplate on what to dig into, the most tempting aromas from the kitchen make you wanna instantly grab a bite. And that bite can be of the garlic toast too.

    Did we mention about the yummiest Choco Lava Cup and Walnut Brownies?

    Must Munch On

    Kairi– This multigrain snack that imitates a cheese straw is absolutely fab. Crispy and loaded with many whole grains, this gives perfect company to your tea/coffee and satiates those late afternoon and post midnight hunger pangs too.

    So We're Saying...

    It’s goodness galore at HTW Bakers. Go Enjoy.