Say goodbye to processed food and welcome the organic with open arms- that’s slowly become everyone’s mantra in the past few years. It was only expected that someone, somewhere in the city would jump to provide the service- and I Say Organic did. Now one of the top services, whose products have made their way into all our homes in the past four years, the brand has come a long way.

Their first ever retail store is now open in Select CITYWALK. We’ve turned to them for their tinned teas, dried apricots, seeds and a range of oils. With this store, we’re just going to add to that shopping cart- get on that bandwagon!

What to watch out for

The store will house a juice bar that will make the freshest cold pressed juices available to you. We’re talking flavours such as Chilli Blossom {guava, green chillies, coriander and lime} and Beet Boxer {beetroot, spinach, apple and amla}. You can also pick up a snack at the juice bar- there’s no denying that all that shopping builds up an appetite!

Where: EW4B, Ground floor, Select CITYWALK Mall, Saket

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