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#LBBGiveaway! "I Scream Flavour" with Hokey Pokey

Editors posted on 17th June

What if we told you that you could invent your own ice-cream flavour and have everyone try it? No, we're not messing with you- Hokey Pokey is making this happen!

I said brrr, it's cold in here..

What you have to do- invent an ice-cream flavour. Be as wild as you can {think Willy Wonka} and name the creation. The wackier the flavour, the quirkier the name, the better. Whichever flavour Hokey Pokey deems the most intriguing, wins!

Winner Winner, ice-cream dinner

Hokey Pokey actually make the winning flavour and include it in their ice-cream parlours as the LBB-Hokey Pokey flavour, giving you full credit, of course!

For those of you that don't make it to the top position, not to worry, they're also offering two runners up vouchers of INR 1000 and INR 500, respectively.

We've told you what to do. Get creating, folks!

Hokey Pokey who?

An ice-cream parlour that made its entry in to the country in 2008, it brings to India the unique cold-stone format. What does that mean? Basically you pick your flavor from their wide range, pick a few high-end toppings and watch as they mix the two on a marble slab and create the perfect serving, right in front of you!

You can find out more about them here. Follow them on their Facebook page for regular updates here.  And check them out on Twitter at @HoPo_In and on Instagram  @hokey_pokey_icecreams