Ilovepero X Lbbdelhincr : LOVE


    What Makes It Awesome

    @ilovepero in collaboration with the oh so famous LbbDelhiNcr held an Up- cycling event in the Péro studio ( 231, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi, 110092 ) on 20th and 21st May 2017. The whole thought of this upcycled service that conceived and promised to take care of the disregarded clothes was a major HIT! This one-of-a-kind service brought back the garments to life. Fresh, new, wearable and UP-CYCLED! I met the Péro family, their kaarigars, their embroiders and machine masters who added personalised touches to my garment and made it look awesome!

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The Péro studio is located in the Industrial area of East Delhi and if you stay far, I suggest one must have a margin to reach the venue on time. You wouldn't want to miss its vibe and cool and fascinating interiors.

    Anything Else?

    What if some clothes don't fascinate you anymore? Do you have clothes that have found a back seat in your closet? @ilovepero found an awesome way to bring together so many people who wanted to revive their disregarded clothes. Their strong team made it possible for so many of us to see their clothes being transformed from a nah to a yah!! Definitely recommending their thought process and thanking LBB for collaborating with them to make it a huge success! KUDOS!