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Why Indian Women Should be Applauding Recent Advertising

Rashi posted on 5th February

By Rashi Wadhera

So, as a team full of women, going over our life decisions, state of the city, familial pressures day after day, we've always been unanimous in one opinion about the inherent, subliminal and almost natural patriarchal plugs in families, advertising and general society. As liberated, forward and encouraging Indian people are about women and her choices, we frequently run into callous, insensitive remarks about a women's limitations. Without drawing blood, we've patiently realised, the messaging we are privy to is incorrect and sending less than obvious validation to a patriarchal set up. Which is why, we tip our hats to the following campaigns and brands, for recognising their strength as messengers, and being gentle teachers in their communication.

Titan-The Raga Woman of Today, #herlifeherchoices

Who didn't love Nimrit Kaur's delivery of 'Tum Bilkul Nahi Badle' {You haven't changed at all}. In our opinion, that's multiple stereotypes squashed in one loaded sentence. Besides the obvious, for everyone who thinks women can't carry out conversations about the state of her relationships in a regular, unemotional, non passive-aggressive manner, we hope aap badlenge. Also, both in the same airline lounge? See, subliminal. #herlifeherchoices

Ariel India, #sharetheload

Although it's come under fire from our choicest population, making sexual innuendos, we aren't surprised the messaging skipped them completely. Big ups to trusted homeware brand Ariel, for not only having senior women talking about how their younger counterparts are ruling the roost, but also an open ended TVC, asking us why it's only a woman's job to do the laundry.

JSW Steel- Geeta Phogat's Story

This one is particularly memorable, courtesy Geeta Phogat, India's first ever woman to bring home the gold in the women's wresting in the 55kg category at 2010 commonwealth games. Although an old advertisement, we especially love the voice over, comprising men defining acceptable gender roles, all while she owns her training and subsequent win.

Urban Ladder-Brings You Closer

Although not women focussed, since we're all on the subliminal messaging bandwagon, this deserves special mention. They've shown a couple on equal footing. Although not clear if it's a divorce or break up, it's evident they live together, and that a woman can be an equal participant in her life and romantic decisions; hope someone somewhere is taking notes.

FabAlley-What the Fuck Should I wear #unfollow

Hands down our absolute favourite! Addressing the omnipresent 'what should I wear' question, she stands on stage, butt naked, on an epic rant about how women's fashion choices have come to cater to pleasing people instead of themselves. Again, multiple birds, one great TVC. The fact that she's standing in her birthday suit, sans a heavily worked out body, is enough for us. Go Radhika Vaz! Comic or not, you have our heart. And FabAlley, for a fashion brand, big respect to your attention to women and their fashion police induced issues.

Dabur Vatika Brave and Beautiful 

So, although they're parts that conform to traditional gender roles, we're willing to overlook it, for the massive tribute to women cancer survivors, not hiding a shaved head under a scarf, and highlighting good partners, since decent, supportive men and the complimentary role they can play aren't talked about enough, while highlighting a woman's struggle.

Axis Bank Mobile App

Although the focus is on the app, and how you can bank using it, Deepika takes out the time to pay attention to the fact that her manager just had a baby girl. In a country where only baby boys are considered reason to celebrate, although blatant, we're loving the attention to the girl child.