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India’s First Art Master Plan to Govern Street Art, in Delhi

Kasturi posted on 29 December

What is an Art Master Plan, you ask? {Don’t worry, we’re pretty befuddled too!}. Basically, all the street art that you see around the city, all the installations, statues, public art, ornamental trees, culverts, sidewalks and railings will now need to be designed according to the Art Master Plan of Delhi.

The Delhi Urban Art Commission is working on preparing this document, that will guide the government on urban design. It will address design elements like height of statues, types of material that can be used and placement of statues vis-a-vis buildings in the vicinity.

Delhi will become the first city in India to have this plan. We look forward to them making our beloved city prettier in 2016.

For more details, read the full report here.