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No Balcony Or Terrace? These Guys Can Grow Plants Anywhere In The House

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Hara Me is a new Delhi-based brand that offers walking tours through city forests, indoor landscaping for urban homes and even has a tiny, garden shop for potted plants. We are most fascinated by their indoor plantscaping skills, though. They have the ability to grow wild plants out of the smallest nooks. 

What Makes It Awesome

The idea behind Hara Me (yes, it loosely means illegitimate, and is meant to define our attitude towards our environment) is trying to tilt the balance between concrete and green spaces in favour of the latter. To realise this mission, they understand that their approach needs to be multi-pronged. Hence the foraging walks (you get to eat what you hunt) along with helping folks create their own terrace gardens and green spaces.

The thing that sets this good-natured enterprise apart is their love for the wild. They don’t believe in taming or manicuring the plants. Instead, they allow them to grow wild and free, and climb up the walls or take over balcony railings with abandon. Kush, the chief farmer and main man behind Hara Me, also insists on creating these green corners in the form of mini ecosystems that can become a habitat for birds and bees to hang around.

Like we said, they also don’t need a dedicated area to grow a garden for you. Give them a wall, a table top, a bathroom or a window and they’re happy to improvise.

Kush even offers to go plant shopping, in case you’re someone who likes to handpick greens from your favourite nurseries, but isn’t sure of which plants will survive your non-existent green thumb. This accompanied trip typically takes 4-5 hours and costs INR 8,500. It obviously helps that Kush knows everything there is to know about local varieties and sturdy greens that are strong enough to survive harsh weather conditions like ours. So, you can rest assured that you’ll never be dealt a raw deal. 

His intent is to upcycle as much as he can. Often, he’ll turn old water tanks, bathtubs, tyres or discarded jerry cans (and drum sets!) into planters. Together with his fellow gardeners, he’s also created bamboo crates to grow flowers.

All of this designing starts at INR 20k for small balconies, but it can go up to 1.25k for single to multi-storey houses.