Needless to say, Instagram is our latest addiction. From glamourizing the most ordinary of objects like matchboxes, to adding charm to conventional habits like having a cup of chai, Instagram provides an excellent window to the lives, loves and sights of millions in a city like Delhi. From all around Delhi, we’ve compiled a list of Instagram photographs that have fascinated us, made us laugh, or just taught us that we can never know enough about our gorgeous home, Delhi.

Whether you’ve spotted a vintage car, an interesting curio or anything that you feel is worth putting a filter on, hashtag it with #LBBD on Instagram and we can feature it in our next instalment.

#1 | A bit of vintage spotting..

vintagecar Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @arjunmahrishi}

#2 | Because misspelt boards never get old!

misspelt Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @ramitachatterjee}

#3 | A beautiful tribute to a goddess with many dimensions, one of the most spectacular Pujo mandals we’ve spotted!

Screen-Shot-2013-10-13-at-11.40.56-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @piku0227}

#4 | It’s all about the coordination!

Screen-Shot-2013-10-13-at-11.42.23-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @cyclingsultan}

#5 | If only they weren’t simply posing..

Screen-Shot-2013-10-13-at-11.48.02-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @arjunmahrishi}

#6 | Old Delhi in a {very colourful} nutshell

Screen-Shot-2013-10-13-at-11.49.12-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @ linasekulska}

#7 | What lies at the bottom of every Dilliwaala’s heart?

Screen-Shot-2013-10-13-at-11.51.04-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @thefilmyowl}

#8 | Yes, that’s Gurgaon. We were shocked too.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-3.55.30-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @aksharma89}

#9 | Charlie Chaplin singing along to ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ in North Campus

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-1.32.58-AM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @tanyaisms}

#10 | Delhi roads, much?

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-1.29.49-AM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @kanixx}

#11 | Eerily yours, Delhi

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-3.59.57-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @shivahuja}

#12 | Perfection, personified- Outhouse Jewellery on Indrani Dasgupta

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-3.57.21-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @outhousejewellery}

#13 | The birds that rule Delhi

Screen-Shot-2013-10-17-at-7.14.43-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @arjunmahrishi}


#14 | You know you’re from the nineties when…

Screen-Shot-2013-10-17-at-7.16.39-PM Insta-Fortnight #Delhi

{Instagram handle | @such_littleblackbookdelhi}

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