You’ve heard the rumours, talked about it with your friends, dreamt about it in the day time and now its official – H&M is all set to launch their first store in India right here in our capital city. In Select CITYWALK, Saket to be absolutely precise.

Now, we’re holding out on breaking into a happy dance {reminiscent of Chandler} just long enough to tell you that the store is slated to open on the 2nd of October, 2015. And if the launch of their regular collection isn’t enough, the store will also house pieces from their collaboration with Balmain {hello, Parisian luxury} as well as H&M Studio. There’s also menswear and kidswear. Can you say inclusive?

Bring back those piggy banks – save now, splurge later and stay tuned for updates!

When: 2nd October

Where: Select CITYWALK, Saket

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