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    Unique Places, Tech, Startups & More: 5 Podcasts You Can’t Miss

    Tushar posted on 02 August

    IVM Podcasts, India’s biggest podcasting network, brings you 5 awesome shows you need to listen to this week - across genres like comedy, pop culture, entertainment. And the best part? LBB’s 12th #ifoundawesome podcast ever is live on IVM and Saavn! Catch the deets in the list below.

    The LBB #ifoundawesome Podcast: Episode 12

    Want to check out an exciting new restaurant near you, affordable furniture, or sweet deals around you? This week, we’re spilling all that and much more on the #ifoundawesome podcast so you can discover awesome wherever you are.

    Tune in here to get the deets on 5 new and unique places you need to check out in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune {you're welcome}.

    New Show Alert! The Colaba Cartel: Meet The Cartel

    Once upon a time, in the southernmost precinct of Mumbai, five collaborators came together to form The Colaba Cartel. They were Gauri Devidayal, Jay Yousuf, Abhishek Honawar, Pankil Shah and Sumit Gambhir. So, meet the cartel here

    Marbles Lost and Found Ep. 7 Professional Success and Mental Health are NOT related

    When it comes to mental health, phrases like these are the usual suspects: “Walk it off,” “It’s all in your head,” “Just think happy thoughts” and we certainly wish it were that easy. Hosted by Zain Calcuttawala and Avanti Malhotra, 'Marbles Lost & Found' is a podcast to raise awareness about mental health and its importance in our day to day life.

    Tune in here to find out how to cope with anxiety.

    Shunya One: Ep. 64: Shreyas Srinivasan: The Radio Verve Story

    Hosted by entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya and Amit Doshi, Shunya One discusses all things tech and startups in the country. The conversation is also open to techies on their slack channel! On this episode, we are joined by Shreyas Srinivasan, Founder and CEO at since 2014. This conversation focuses on Shreyas’ journey with co-founding NH7, his work with OML - Only Much Louder and more. Tune in here.

    Throwback: ReDiscovery Podcast S 03 Ep. 10 - Blue Yonder: Tourism that benefits communities

    Three years ago, Hoshner & Ambika quit their jobs to travel and explore India through its people, history, cultures and communities. On the reDiscovery Podcast they speak about their experiences on the road in India and take us on a journey from the untouched countryside to the bylanes of unknown village and towns. On this episode, the ReDiscoveryPodcast delves into travelling and engaging with local communities in Kerala. Tune in here for more details. 

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