Jain Coffee House: Fruit Sandwiches & Ancient Coffee Machines In Chandni Chowk

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Chandni Chowk is full of old hole-in-the-wall eating joints and we get excited every time we stumble upon a particularly good one. Our latest visit led us to Jain Coffee House, a teeny tiny “cafe” running a coffee machine from a bygone era and serving fruit and cheese sandwiches.

Foam Sweet Foam

Jain Coffee House is masked by stacks of boris in the front, making it look like a little bit like a godown, and had it not been for the presence of a large metal apparatus emitting foamy hot liquid inside what looked like cannisters, we would have just carried on without the slightest hint of what lay inside. The coffee machine is a little bit like the ones we encountered at 90s Indian weddings, but we feel like this one goes way back- possibly to 1948, when this little establishment was founded. However, unlike the milky overly sweet coffee which we all remember, this one’s pretty customisable. We asked the owner to prepare a strong cuppa with very little sugar and this is exactly what we received- with a sprinkle of chocolate powder, of course. And it was pretty delish.

Say Cheese

…or mango; for the peeps at Jain Coffee House are known for its fruit sandwiches. Whereas we gorged on a mango one which comprised sliced white bread topped with large chunks of chausa mango slices and a thick slab of cheese, you can also opt for the cheekoo, pineapple, banana or apple. When we’re not in a super fruity state of mind, the Malai Toast or the Samosa Sandwich step in as substitutes.

What Else?

They also do a cold coffee {again, be very specific or you will receive a tall glass of uber milky coffee} and milkshakes using seasonal fruit.


 Whereas the joint does serve tea, we’d suggest sticking to the coffee as the former is a tea bag affair.  

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