When In Jaipur, Plan A Terrace Date At This Italian Bar With Sangria & Wood-Fired Pizzas


    La Palma in Jaipur’s equivalent of Mehrauli restaurants where the tropical vibe is hard to miss and the Mojitos keep rolling through the afternoon. In the last three months, this cafe-meets-lounge has got a lot of locals raving about the pretty ambience and choco lava.

    Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy

    This European bistro realised that Jaipur was looking for a pristine white day bar that effortlessly turned to a dreamy night spot dressed in twinkling lights. No wonder, it’s been off to a flying start. 

    If you aren’t a big one for beautiful bars {seriously?}, go here for the food. They aren’t trying to be safe with chicken and that constant mish-mash of Chinese and North Indian thrown in. Yes, they do have a bit of Continental but it ties in well with the rest of the menu that’s all about talking to the experimental foodie. This is what explains the Beer Batter Prawns and Danablu Aranchini {this is Blue Cheese and Cranberry filled rice balls, bdw}.

    Worried that your typical wood fired Margherita pizza might not have made it on their fancy menu? Fret not. They’ve got the essentials like the Caesar Salad and Chocolate Waffles as well. Our favourites, because we’re so basic sometimes, are the Jalapeno Poppers Pizza and Espresso Martini.

    We’ve got to say that La Palma really has that rare quality to appeal to the wayward hipster who loves bare white walls as to a sangria-digging party goer. So, no matter what your squad looks like, you’ll have a great {hopefully boozy and filled with live music} time.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re going on a Sunday, do call and make a reservation because their Sangria Sundays sometimes have crazy deals like unlimited food and drinks at INR 1,500. Also, make sure you try the La Palma Delight that’s got vodka, cream and chocolate chunks.