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Joocy Delivers Something New To You Every Day

Parul posted on 17 January

Ten-Second Takeaway

From the dozens, if not more, delivery kitchens of G Town, it’s good to find one that’s innovative, yummy and prompt. Joocy has a new menu every day and it’s always fun.

Day Meals Only

They serve breakfast, lunch and coffee/tea mini meals to your doorstep and the menu is relatively varied. Breakfast has healthy staples like Upma and Poha with indulgent thrown in for good measure. You can choose pancakes and Nutella PBJ French toasts too.

For lunch, you could start with appetisers; we liked the sound of Popcorn Chicken and Pesto Paneer or you could cut to mains and go the whole hog with their awesome sounding Chicken Bulgogi and Grilled Fish with Chargrilled Pineapple. For more on the Asian front, their Meals in a Bowl have Thai curries with rice and Korean BBQ Chicken Bibimbap.

Teatime Munchies

Choose from a selection of sandwiches and burgers, from a basic egg and sausage to a chicken or tofu Bahn Mi. Wash it down with their coffee and coolers; we’d pair the Bahn Mi with the Vietnamese Cold Brew Iced Coffee, all the goodness of a rich cold brew blended with condensed milk.

Among coolers go desi with the Masala Lemonade or play it cool with the Iced Green Tea Arnold Palmer.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re a compulsive order-er, here’s another place for you to try and we say you start with their Asian dishes.