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Jugaad Bar: Recycled Decor, Pot Seats & a Fun Menu

Sumira posted on 08 February


Defence Colony’s latest addition, Jugaad Bar has a fresh innovative menu that is heavy on bar snacks, a stellar range of {non-alcoholic} drinks and decor constructed from scrap material.


Crispy Chilly Channa, Macaroni & Chicken Burger, Lichi Tehri Shots


Imli Flame, Italian Smooch, Tuk Tuk


For its decor and smoking area where chairs have been replaced by commodes {no, you cannot take a leak in these} and is aptly named the Pot Shot area.

It’s all in the name

They have literally bought junk from different kabbadiwalas and displayed them artistically. Waste bottles have been used as tumblers, caps have been used to decorate tables etc. You will also see aluminium muffin cups, different parts of a cycle {a whole bicycle as well}, parts of cars, number plates, gas lighters for door handles and wooden barrels for tables.

They even use tiles and lug wrenches to serve food. In short, they have a jugaad for everything {don’t worry, no compromises with the quality of food}.

The highlights

The menu is well thought out. The Vada Pav, Cutting Chai, Basa Ball Shots with Kachcha Aam, Chicken Charmoula with Lemon Aioly, Crispy Konjee Lamb and Chicken Jimchi Salad are all good dishes, but it’s the Crispy Chilly Channa and the Macaroni & Chicken burger {buns made out of macaroni} which will keep us coming back.

There’s more…

With no liquor license yet {bummer, we know}, the place is still getting praise for its mocktails. Italian Smooch {ginger ale + Coke + lime + mint}, Tuk Tuk {banana + pineapple juice + vanilla ice cream} and their star attraction, the Imli Flame {tamarind paste + chilli powder} are all great options. We can’t wait for the alcohol to start flowing.

For dessert, we tried the Lichi Tehri Shots {which we loved} and the Sakora Firni, which can be given a miss.

All in all, Jugaad’s a good spot to unwind at with a bunch of friends. The only thing we’d possibly complain about is the way-too-loud music at night.


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The Jugaad Cafe Bar

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locationDefence Colony

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locationDefence Colony