Ten-Second Takeaway

Jugaad Café and Bar is Defence Colony market’s multi-talented kid who has a way with every kind of visitor. It doubles up as a co-working space in the day, but we’ve so far only gone here for the happy hours and mutton burra.

So Many Nut Cases

Photo source: Nandani Bansal/LBB

The idea behind the quintessential Dilli word, Jugaad, is to be a jugaadu place for a bunch of different end goals such as chilling, working, eating, tipsy singing {their karaoke nights are a hit}. And of course, the interior design that uses spoons, beer bottles, car tires and a whole army of discarded nuts and bolts justifies the name in the most literal sense.

While the charming interiors made from upcycled waste are a great draw, we’ve literally zombie walked to top floor every single time. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all glass and green and overlooks the busy market underneath.

We like that each floor has a distinct character and as a result, a dedicated fan following. If a dimly-lit, garage-like feel is what gets you in the mood, you’ll probably dig the lower levels but like we said, our personal favourite in the sunny rooftop where we’ve enjoyed sipping on desi cocktails till happy hours last {8pm to be precise}.

Bar Or Bar Graph?

If hardcore number crunching {or just walking around Def Col} has left you hungry, you can get your fix here; we suggest that you stick to the north Indian on the menu.

The mutton barra kababs are awesome and so is the Crispy Chilly Channa. We also tried the Murg Malai Kabab and the paneer rolls {paneer cubes stuffed with spicy filling} and were pretty satisfied. Next on our to-try list is the Thai Green Curry and Crispy Konjee Lamb, both of which we’re told are great.

The story doesn’t just end with food. Jugaad has an exhaustive bar menu that features a good mix of the usual suspects like mimosas and sangrias, and innovative options like Tamarind Tadka {chutney, red chilli and vodka}, Sharaabi Nariyal {fresh coconut with Bacardi and strawberry}, Bajito {a beer mojito} and more. The choice is all yours.

Photos: Nandani Bansal/LBB