Ten-Second Takeaway

Kagazi Ghoda is known for its stunning stationery and beautiful thick notebooks to do all your sketching, doodling and writing in.

Some Salt and Paper

Started by graphic designer and artist Aarti Uppal, Kagazi Ghoda germinated out of her love for paper. The common medium between designing books, painting, and photography has always been paper for her. We all know that there is a dire need for good quality sketchbooks in the market- ones that don’t leave you a pauper. Kagazi Ghoda fulfils that exact need.

To this end Kagazi Ghoda was born—a line of sketchbooks and writing journals for those who want good quality paper {on a budget!}. Aarti undertook six months of research to decide on the exact paper she wanted for the notebooks. And voila! The stuff of our dreams was created.

A Letter to Remember


The paper has been sourced from Italian, American and Swedish companies and is completely pH-balanced, acid-free, and chlorine-free, and made from a sustainable forest initiative. The founder says that if you use archival inks, nothing will happen to your writing for at least a 100 years.

What we love most are the illustrated covers. To add a bit of a personal touch, you can also choose to get your own artwork printed on the cover. We also hear that there’s a 20% discount if you order 10 of a kind. So we’ve decided to get some of her beautiful sketchbooks {coming in two sizes—5.25″ x 7.25″ and 3″ x 3”}.

The Catalogue

Use watercolours, pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, ball pens, ink pens, permanent pens like microns, acrylics or almost anything else on them – the result will always be glorious. We also have our eyes on their cream-papered writing journals.

They have a new music series coming out soon and are going full-force with custom jobs. They deliver across India and we’re going to take advantage of that massively. Are you?

Price: INR 100 to INR 800

Contact:  +91 9811211507 {Mohit Singla} or write to kagazighoda@gmail.com

Follow their Facebook page and order online here.

Images courtesy: Kagazi Ghoda