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Where Time Stands Still: Kashmir’s Gorgeous Meadows And Lakes

Editors posted on 16 July

If you’ve always dreamed of walking through clouds surrounded by beautiful yet intimidating mountains, Kashmir should be your next holiday destination. We truly believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, though when you have more than one to share, one can only imagine how magnificent it must really be. Septical about the credibility of Kashmir’s status as heaven on earth? These should convince you.

One of the seven lakes along the route between Sonmarg and Narnag. The color of the reflection changes depending on the time of the day.

The only signs of civilisation along the route are a few shepherds along the way, herding hundreds of sheep with the help of their trusted dogs.

The view from the top of Zach pass.

Camping under a starry sky is surreal, as everything dissolves into the landscape, and you suddenly start to wonder how insignificant most of your troubles are.

Horses are such gentle, hard-working creatures. At the edge of passes, they halt and let others pass before they move ahead.

When in the midst of nature, even death is a beautiful work of art; a quiet reminder that the passage of time spares none.

They say man has conquered mountains, but we haven’t. What mountains effortlessly succeed in is making you feel small. Very small.

The landscape changes drastically with the days. One day you could be climbing a high pass; the next one you’re walking across blooming meadows.

Temperatures go to such extremes during winters that even the army desert their posts. Shepherd’s head to lower plains as well.

Raju, the horse served as an ambulance on the trail, ferrying trekker’s who might be suffering from AMS. Funnily, the rides always worked.

All the images by Mayank Susngi.

This photo-essay first appeared on Campus Diaries.