The Scoop

I’d recommend Martina Wu for any and every hair-cut, style or colour. Turns out, her salon in Malviya Nagar has another hidden gem. Round of applause for the most non-judgemental waxing lady I’ve met—Kavita.

For the uninitiated, a Brazillian wax is having the entirety of your nether region’s, ahem, “growth” removed. It hurts a lot, no matter how frequently you get it done.

What We Love

I’ve been to about five different parlours in Delhi for Brazilian waxes. And while Asian Roots, The Oberoi {shut for now}, or Shampoo@86 can get the job done, I don’t think I’ve come across a waxing lady who doesn’t dole out unnecessary pearls of advice in the middle of a most hurtful experience…till I met Kavita at Martina Wu.

You can go to her two weeks too early, or two months too late- and she’s as helpful, normal, and non-awkward about the whole thing.

Who It’s For

Everyone looking to get a Brazilian and or bikini wax- it could be your first or your 100th; or it could be for when you just want to get the deed done without someone rolling their eyes, or reminding you that you need to go to a parlour more often.

Price: Starting at INR 1,000 {chocolate wax. Please don’t try this with normal wax}

Timings: 10am – 7pm {Closed on Tuesdays}

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Featured photo courtesy: Pixabay