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Kejriwal won, While a Tea Stall Owner stood for elections

Editors posted on 10th February

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Tea Seller Contests Delhi Elections


Thinking he’d have the same luck as Namo, 59-year-old Balram Bari entered the electoral cross-fire to try his luck for the 19th time. Contesting as an independent, Mr. Bari sells tea on the roadside at Gandhi Gali in Chandni Chowk. Bari stated "I don't have a bandwagon to promote myself. Neither do I have a car nor a mobile phone. I just have my confidence and belief that my good intentions will get paid off this time. We applaud your efforts Mr. Bari!

Health Drive at Tihar Jail


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Tihar Jail authorities have launched a major drive to get the health check up of its 13,000 inmates. The general health check-up campaign was launched after it was detected that a large number of inmates suffer from hyper tension. To spread awareness about the health care need, 'nukkad natak (street plays)' and other performances were organised.


Arvind Kejriwal

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Way to go Kejriwal! It looks like a landslide victory for Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Admi Party.  Kejriwal, stated that he will take oath as Delhi chief minister on February 15, exactly one year after he quit the post after 49 days in power. He had also said the new government would follow a path of "constructive criticism" and will work in tandem with the Modi administration at the Centre.

Love Commandos


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Since Valentine’s Day is on it’s way, we thought we’d highlight this remarkable organization. Love Commandos is a Delhi-based organisation that helps couples who have defied their families. The organisation was started by Sanjoy Sachdev, who launched it in 2010 after coming to a young man’s aid after he was falsely accused of rape by the family of the woman he wanted to marry.The organisation operates seven apartments in Delhi, but can also call on 300 couples to take in lovers fleeing relatives' wrath for a short period.

Protests in Response to the Delhi Church Attacks


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Since the protest outside the Sacred Heart cathedral in the heart of the city, cities in India have been up in arms. Though the police claim the protest was ‘unlawful’, Christian groups had organized a silent march to highlight what they called lack of serious action in recent attacks on churches. Nuns, priests and archbishops chanted Hail Mary on the Bangalore streets as thousands of Christians took out a procession in the city against the recent attacks on churches in Delhi.