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Boring No More: Khadi Clothes Become Super Spunky With InkPikle


    Designer Aathira Mannali’s take on khadi is a treat to sore eyes. The anti-fit clothes are versatile and quirky and everything we’re not used to expecting from conventional the khadi kurtas of yore. Go expecting screen prints, bright patterns and the words we love hearing the most – slow fashion.

    Old Is {Now} Bold

    Khadi is endearing in a very grandfather clock kind of way but instead of romanticising that image, she decided to turn it on its head. So everything she creates from the yarn is bright as a sunflower with prints, colours and trippy patterns.

    While the inspiration to work with this traditional  fabric came from the many trips she made with her father to the Khadi Gramodyog as a child, she knew she wanted to tell the world a different story. The ‘pikle’ in the signifies the home-made nature of her garments {she literally started the venture from her home in Kochi} and ‘ink’ refers to her work with dyes, inks and screen prints. 

    She’s currently working with artisans from the clusters in Murshidabad Kolkata and Kerala villages in Paravur and Wadakancherry.

    We like that she’s bringing out khadi’s wild side by using statement prints. The loosey-goosey feel of her tunics, dresses, skirts and shirts is perfect for summer and we’re hoping to add a few of these simple pieces to our office wardrobe {yes, they are cool enough to pass off as power dressing}.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Unfortunately, Inkpikle is only retailing out of Kochi for now. Delhi-based hipsters, don’t pull a long face yet. Feel free to give her a shout on her Facebook page – she’s happy to courier stuff to your doorstep – and her website’s coming up very soon.