It’s no secret that babies and children have sensitive skin. This means the clothes that go on their back, and other body parts, must be conducive to keeping their skin rash and allergy free. Give a very warm welcome to Organic clothing collection – Nino Bambino.

Made from 100% organic cotton, all clothes have been designed keeping in mind the functionality, commonly faced issues, and the sensitivity of your baby’s skin. As for what they have available – onesies, t shirts, jumpsuits, swaddle blankets, bottle covers, booties, dresses, skirts, shirts and rompers, all made of course, from 100 percent organic cotton, made for age groups spanning new born to between 5 and 6 years.

LBB is digging their sets tab, where everything is pre matched, more often than not stitched into one combo, thus saving you ample time when trying to dress junior. Also, near perfect for when junior decides he/she must creatively express him/herself through a disastrously mismatched combo.

Where: Start shopping online, here. 

Price: Starts at INR 300 upwards