Ten-Second Takeaway

The Kitchen’s infamous Khao Suey is being brought back by popular demand, but this time it’ll be on TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0’s menu.


The same team that ran The Kitchen runs TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0, and after hearing from many fans of the now-shut establishment, they decided to do something about it. The most popular dish on their menu, the Khao Suey will be back in all its former glory, on the Tabula menu.

Sophie’s Choice?

It may just be, because you have the vegetarian, chicken and prawn variants to choose from. Perhaps one of each? They’ll start serving it on Apr 25, so mark your calendars and get ready for a happy, Burmese cuisine induced food coma.

Where: Asiad Village, Sirifort Sports Complex

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park

Price: INR 470 {veg and chicken}; INR 520 {prawn}

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Featured image courtesy: TabulaBeach Cafe


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