Get Your Daily Shot of Health With Kiva


Health remedies in the form of daily Ayurvedic shots by Kiva are not only super convenient but also quite tasty.

Here’s To Health

You might have seen these in some supermarkets because Kiva’s packing kind of stands out. Little doses of health in test tube like bottles, they’re so compact and easy to carry that you can get that shot of health anywhere and at anytime. No room for excuses.

So, Which Shot Is For You?

Kiva comes in four variants, but we’re hoping they’ll be introducing more soon. Basically, you just pick your shot according to the desired health benefits. The Amla shot helps strengthen your immunity and fixes any digestive issues {or keeps it on track} whilst keeping you energised.

Their power packed Wheatgrass shot is the anti-ageing answer you’ve been looking for; it’s what you feed your body that matters more than what you rub on your face.

A shot of Lemon Honey Cinnamon or what we call ‘hello, weight loss’ is great not only for those looking to lose some pounds, but also for strengthening bones and building stamina *throws one into gym bag*.

Hold on, we’re not done yet. Kiva also has an aloe vera variant, which is great for detox but even greater for your skin. Can never have enough of these.

What We Love

All of Kiva’s concoctions are made with Ayurvedic recipes dating back 4,000 years, and are made from the best herbs without any added colours or preservatives.

We know what you’re thinking, “Ayurveda, the results will take forever”. Though Kiva claims that the results will show in just two weeks.

We think it’s worth a shot!

Order online or head to the nearest Le Marche.