Grocery shopping is our favourite kind of shopping. So when we came across a store that sells wasabi tubes, sushi mats and kimchi salad by the kilo, we bookmarked it right away for multiple future visits.

We discovered BG Food Mart whilst we were driving past Safdarjung Enclave {the same road as Green Chick Chop}. The board isn’t too impressive and doesn’t give the slightest inkling of the treasures hiding inside. What looks like any regular kirana store actually sells a ton of seafood; we spotted frozen fish, crab, prawns, salmon imported from Thailand and a bunch of pork items {salami, bacon, meat chunks} from Belgium.

Catering mostly to the Korean expat community, BG Food Mart stores a bunch of household items ranging from Korean soaps and detergents, coffee, Ginseng tea, Ramen noodles in various flavours, soba noodles, potato stems, shrimp crackers, wonton skins, wafers, fish sauce and even the local Korean brand of toothbrushes.

What really made our day were the prices. Imported products usually have us breaking our piggy banks, but the items here are priced pretty much the same as local brands, at INR 140 for a pack of stick noodles. Apart from grocery items, they have a teeny tiny section of stationery comprising mouse pads featuring giant cats, notebooks, and pencils and erasers, with typical Korean illustrations.

Apart from the Korean and Japanese items, they also keep a range of Indian brands such as Himalaya. This is also the only place where we spotted Cornitos in a wasabi as well as a tikka masala flavour.

If you’re looking for quality meat products or ingredients for your next oriental home-cooked meal, BG Food Mart does not disappoint with its variety.

Where: 1A Arjun Nagar, Safdarjung

Nearest Metro Station: AIIMS

Contact: 011 4100 3565

Price: INR 400 for 1 kg of kimchi salad, INR 100 for a packet of Ramen noodles