Editors posted on 7th October

Krav Maga, Karate, Kickboxing: Self-Defense Classes In the City

Ten-Second Takeaway

Every time we open the newspaper or an online news portal these days, there’s a crime here, a robbery there. As much as we love our Dilli, there’s no denying it can be a tough place to live in. Here’s how we look at it—either we constantly look over our shoulders fearfully, or we take control, learn to defend ourselves, and walk boldly.

We vote for the latter.

Krav Maga India

Founded by Imrich Sde-Or, this centre boasts a range of self-defense techniques, Krav Maga being their area of expertise. All of the programmes have been formulated keeping civilians {men, women and children alike} in mind, with techniques that could be life-savers in real life scenarios.

Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

Arun Sharma heads the India sector of this centre, which specialises in all forms of martial art and functional fitness. They don’t define Jeet Kune Do as a style, rather as a metamorphosis that the body goes through. They’ve also worked this into their programmes, making the martial arts a part of your very core.

Crosstrain Fight Club

Delhi’s best MMA facility, they offer training in the disciplines of boxing, muay thai {kickboxing} as well as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Whether your aim is to learn self-defense, lose weight, or compete in MMA competitions, they’re your best bet.


Fitcomb is a team of professionals that specialises in self-defense and risk management. Their training focuses on defensive martial arts and reality-based combat situations. With training centres all over the country {and a couple in Pakistan}, Fitcomb is a trusted training agency.

Warrior's Cove Mixed Martial Arts

While they provide classes in numerous disciplines, they specialise in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It works on the principles of mental make-up more than anything else, making it the perfect style of self-defense.

Sanshinkan Karate International

The Sanshinkan Institute offers martial arts like karate, kickboxing, Tai chi and jiu-jitsu. They believe self-defense is an integral part of any martial art. Sanshinkan offers special self-defense programme for women, teaching a combination of mixed martial arts and defensive stances.

Invictus - Spot

For combat programmes that include boxing, kickboxing and MMA, Invictus has got it down. They have different programmes for women, men, children; all tailored to suit the attendants’ specific needs.