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Give Your Skin A Boost Of Organic Skincare With Vanya Herbal!


    Organic Skincare products have been all the rage for a while now and this craze is definitely here to stay! We know how difficult it gets to choose the right product for your skin but we're here to give you a complete lowdown on Vanya Herbals which is a completely vegetarian skincare line which is against animal testing and free of parabens, alcohol, harmful chemicals and artificial colourants. 

    Seems too good to be true, right? Well, be prepared to lather yourself up in this green organic goodness! 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Vanya Herbal started as a venture at home with a unique vision to create authentic herbal products with the aim of passing down herbal knowledge from generation to generation. We love these 5 products from their range!

    1. Rose & Olive Face Cream

     Made with olive oil and pure Himalayan rose, it gives theface a daylong sweat-free glow. This summer cream brightens the skin, fights anti-aging elements, provides a freshness of rose and a perfect start for the day. It can be used as a base before applying makeup for a sweat-free look. Perfect as a primer, right?

    2. Mint & Tulsi Body Lotion 

    It's an invigorating blend of the essential oils of tulsi, spearmint, peppermint, bergamot mint and lemongrass along with 100% natural and plant-derived ingredients such as kokum butter. Cooling and refreshing effect of mint with the goodness and care of tulsi. Ideal for the hot summer days when you need a built in air conditioner! 

    3. Mint and Tulsi Shower Gel 

    It's a delicately combined with therapeutic Himalayan essential oils of tulsi, Mint, aloe vera and 100% plant-derived ingredients. A gentle body cleanser, ideal for everyday use. Tulsi has antioxidant properties which softens the skin and keeps skin moisturized, fresh and glowing. Get your body a boost of freshness asap!

    4. Tulsi & Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser 

    A blend of 100% pure aloe vera juice and Himalayan essential oils of tulsi and turmeric that blend with Himalayan juniper essential oil and aloe vera juice to create a natural cleanser.Highly effective to combat pollution, dirt and brightening the skin. A safe and natural solution for healthy and youthful skin. Get rid of the heavy makeup and dirt accumulated through the day easily with this cleanser!  

    5. Pure Himalayan Rose Water

     This rose water is aromatic and is enriched naturally with minute particles of rose oil. This herb has been used in Ayurveda beauty rituals since time immemorial. It is an excellent face toner and cleaner and has a delicious aroma which transports you into a haven of roses. It is unique because it is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin!! 

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