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The Hunger Games | The Lowdown on the LBB and CP Treasure Hunt

Editors posted on 11th September

We didn’t approach the likes of Ethan Hunt, but we did orchestrate a hunt all our own, and over 45 people chose to accept our mission!

The mission - 6th September, 6 clues, 6 iconic spots in CP, 13 teams, one winning team, and dinner and drinks for 45 at a surprise, undisclosed location.

The teams flagged off from the focal point of all of CP, the giant Indian Flag. Each team was handed one clue, and Green Rock set all the participants apart from the crowd with awesome T shirts {that warned passers-by to step aside and make room for them}. We witnessed some rather curious pedestrians staring at teams racing down the streets, sporting these “Lets Hunt” T shirts. Participants also received refreshments from the Good Juicery, fuelling them for their run.

Armed with a map of CP, and INR 200 loose change {for those who chose rickshaws over running}, the teams had to decode clues, hit every spot described, locate the envelope with the next clue, and photograph every pit stop. The final destination was a surprise for all participants – the first look at the all new Monkey Bar in CP! They tasted the first service from both the kitchen and the bar, compliments of Monkey Bar, before it opens to the public at large {which was yesterday, so go check it out!}.


Check out the teams' uploads on Instagram and Facebook at #iconiccp. If you’d rather test your CP chops, take a look at the clues below, and gauge how far you’d have got in the hunt.

Clue 1

With a name of a college, to which we'd all love a ride,

This bibliophile’s paradise, serves chai on the side!

Clue 2

Round and out of CP's circles, and built in the bygone days,

There's not just one step, but 103 here, with underlying water all the way!

Clue 3

Your message awaits in a scroll at store #{7 square minus 3},

With a name from across India’s western border,

It's on the Queen’s Way that is Delhi’s flea.

Clue 4

Find the oldest cinema in the area, come on hustle with your team!

Synonymous with Wenger’s and Depaul's, this place's name is the same as your childhood ice-cream's.

Clue 5

 Before you hit the bar tonight and get a little tipsy

Find a place that sells colourful bangles,

PS: you'll get a little help from Bajrang Bali

Clue 6

In case you missed the green sign board,

We’ll help you with the last leg

Monkey Business is about to begin,

So cross the road and we’ll pour you a peg!

Check your answers!

1. Oxford bookstore, 2. Agrasen step well, 3. Janpath, 4. Kwality, 5. Hanuman Mandir, 6. Monkey Bar