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#LBBEvent! FlashbackFriday at Aura- The Vodka Bar

Editors posted on 17th June

Who says you need a reason to celebrate? We say strap on those party shoes and take to the town, even if all you're celebrating is that it's good to be alive. We certainly go by the belief, and we thought if there's anyone we'd want to dance with, it'd be you, loyal readers.

What're we celebrating? The Novel Nineties {yes we just made that phrase up} and all of their trivia, pop-culture, music and so much more. We're asking you to ride that wave of nostalgia with us, the good kind, not the kind that'll leave you teary-eyed. There's also finger food to munch on, although we're sure you expected that. It's #FlashbackFridays in typical LBB style, along with Aura - The Vodka Bar at The Claridges, which used to be the hippest place in town; we're bringing it back!

We're telling you upfront, you have to prepare a little for this one before you show up - there's going to be a round of trivia, ranging from cocktails, to the movies and music of the 90's. While we're talking about 90's music, which one of you would like to join us in Livin' La Vida Loca, or perhaps Vogue-ing it up, Madge style? We're already getting nostalgic for all those times we spent at Aura.

You'll also have to let us in on one fact about yourself - the more fun, the better. We won't give away all of it, but it involves a second game {ahem, a drinking game} that'll help you break the ice with the rest of the group. New friends and another place to add to your list? You betcha. Aura is known for their cocktails, especially the vodka based ones {as is in the name} and you'll get to experience them firsthand.

We're betting you want to take a lot of pictures, so there's going to be a ton of props and plenty of creative ways to frame your #flashbackfriday.

We've said it all and we'll see you there. Party with us, revisit another era, and take home a goodie bag. You'll just have to wait and see what's in it.

When: 26th Jun, 7pm onwards

Where: Aura - The Vodka Bar, The Claridges Hotel, 12, Aurangzeb Road

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