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#LBBBestOf 2015: The Year in Pictures

Namrata posted on 29 December

We’re big on Dilli love and the past year has had some great moments, of beauty, of humanity and of love. What better way to relive the past year than in pictures? Here are some of the moments that warmed our hearts.

This picture of perfect symmetry

Symmetry and architecture. #IFoundAwesome courtesy @alkasharma0812 ✨

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This valley of flowers that brought in the festive season

Are you ready for the awesomeness of Diwali? #IFoundAwesome courtesy @rashikasood

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This display that made all of us oh-so-jolly

This rickshaw driver that restored our faith in humanity again

This stunning portrayal of the heart of the city

This moment when we fell in love with the city all over again

This reminder of how picturesque the city looks all rainy and grey

This unifying photograph that depicted how big we are on celebrations

Happy Gurupurab! #ifoundawesome courtesy @laxman1907

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This space that truly portrays the architectural prowess of our city

This all-time favourite view from the Hauz Khas fort that never gets old

This clever portrayal of the nuances of Diwali season

This now iconic passageway that leads to Social. All you need is love, right?

This near-perfect winter spot at Diggin

This breathtaking depiction of the Lotus Temple

This nostalgic keepsake that’s perfect for our morning coffee while serving as a reminder that Khan will always be our favourite market