What’s love got to do with it? We think it’s all about the lighting, and #nofilters. Here’s us, because we’re such romantics, weighing in on the city’s best candle-lit restaurants. Dinner for deux, s’il vous plait.

LBB Loves:

Lodi-The Garden Restaurant, for a you can’t go wrong experience

Olive for great food, and the ambience equivalent of The Notebook.

Sevilla, for anyone making the big bucks.

For the High-Rollers



An iconic Delhi establishment, a recent dinner with a girl friend told us everything we need to know about how it just should be couples only for dinner. Olive has revamped their menu, more often than not serve Red Velvet Roulade on the house {you didn’t hear it here}, and the outside is perfect for all types, and phases of your romance.

Where: One Style Mile, Haveli No.6, Kalka Das Marg; Contact: 01129574444

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Private canopies, enough candles and dim lighting to make any romance glow, and one of the best menus in the Capital, Sevilla doesn’t get its due. Again, on request, they will customize the menu, sprinkle rose petals, pop champagne, and offer impeccable service, but be warned, you’re going to need to be plush with cash; Sevilla is pricey, in all caps.

Where: The Claridges Hotel, 12 Aurangzeb Road; Contact: 01141335133

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Indian Accent


Everything you read about their food is spot on, we can’t praise them enough; we’ll just casually drop that they’re on the list of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. If you want the candle light to complete this meal, ask for a table outside; the inside is very brightly lit. Also, reservations are hard to come by and happen in slots only, so planning in advance is key.

Where: The Manor Hotel,  77 Friends Colony; Contact: 01126925151

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Best sushi, and definitely in the running for best black cod. Ask for a table on the terrace for the candles to really take affect, and on request they’ll personalize the placard at your table. So, perhaps a welcome {insert other half’s name}, waiting for you when you arrive? Classy.

Where: 60-61, Middle Lane, Khan Market; Contact: 01143597166

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For the {kind-of, almost} Pocket-Friendly Pairs

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant


Al-fresco dining, cobble stoned flooring, and one too many nooks for if things go very well, this will top any and every romantic dining list for the capital. PS: They host gigs regularly, so we recommend you call and check before hand, if you’re looking for downtime.

Where: Lodhi Road, Oppostie Mausam Bhavan; Contact: 01133105163

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We’re thinking fairy lights come close to candles, no? A gorgeous terrace, and we’re certain your date will give you the gorgeous view, well priced food, and an exhaustive dessert menu, Diggin gives the right kind of romantic message for twosomes in their initial date phase. It’s kind of like an… I like you, but I didn’t make an Indian Accent kind of effort just yet.

Where: Anand Lok Shopping Centre {Opposite Gargi}; Contact: 01133105376

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Quiet, quaint, and as close as you can get to a vintage, Italian villa reminiscent space in the Capital. Since it is massive, scoring a table away from prying eyes is relatively easy; so dial D for date.

Where: Khasra No.76/27, MG Road; Contact: 01126801588

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Fio Cookhouse

Be warned, on the weekends, Fio turns into a party pad, with very loud music after 10.30pm, so plan for during the week, and early-ish. Tables outside are surrounded by a lot of greenery, wooden decks, and definitely let you forget you’re under a metro station. Also-cocktails, you’ll be glad the lighting is dim, when your eyes start enjoying their own kind of night.

Where: Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place; Contact: 01126281026

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Italian and French cuisine, on a giant patio or terrace, it’ll give you the sense of always expecting a three piece orchestra to start serenading. It won’t. But, the space does regularly host gigs and parties, so again, please check before hand.

Where: One Qutub, Kalka Das Marg; Contact: 08800480048

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