On some days, pushing ourselves to work out puts us in the most miserable state of mind. Well, you know what they say- misery loves company – so get together with a bunch of people and motivate each other, with Studio 60’s Plyo60 workout sesh.

Say whuut?

Studio 60’s signature workout that connects speed and strength to give you immense energy, is a circuit class based on jump training. The intensity of the exercises increases threefold as you carry on, lasting for a minute each. Basically, it involves pushing your boundaries, in small doses. With company, to boot.

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Two sessions of 20 twenty people each, an hour long work-out and Raw Pressery juices {follow them on Facebook here} to reboot your system post the class. For those of you in the dark, Raw Pressery does a range of cold-pressed juices that are A-okay for your health since they’re sans any chemicals or preservatives. Plus opportunities to bond with a few new people. Winning.

When: 30th Aug, 9am-10am, 10.30-11.30am

Where: Studio 60, F-6, East of Kailash

This event is now over!