If you’ve been known to ace every game of beer pong back in the day, The Ultimate Beer Pong Challenge at Tabula Beach Café should be right up your alley. With teams, rules, and league systems in place, this is going to be intense!

Beer pressure

Get to Tabula Beach Café armed with your A-team {consisting of 2-3 members} and take the challenge head-on against other teams to fight it out for the winner’s trophy and free vouchers for brunch. If you don’t have a team in place but have crazy beer pong tricks up your sleeves, get there anyway and we’ll hook you up with a team.

All the beer you’ll consume during the challenge {which will be a lot} will be covered under a nominal registration fee of INR 500. Better yet, if you’re among the first 10 folks to reach the venue, you won’t have to pay anything!

Chug happy

If you feel you’re not yet ready to take on the challenge head-on, no sweat; we have Flip Cup and Skolling, as well as a fun karaoke session planned to keep you entertained. Make use of the kickass happy hours and awesome finger foods, and chug the night away!

When: 26th November, 8pm onwards

Where: Tabula Beach Café, Asian Games Village Complex, Siri Fort

Price: INR 500 {no registration charge for the first 10 people}

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