Judging by the frizz in our hair, we’re guessing summer is coming to a close, landing us smack in the middle of monsoon, and we know what’s next – winter, more popularly known as Diwali and Wedding season. Don’t fret if you didn’t manage the summer bod, in time for summer, you can start eating healthy now, because who doesn’t want a healthy body, any time of year.

How are LBB and Foodhall going to help?

Foodhall is kickstarting their Health and Wellness festival come 5th of August, so while they aren’t selling will power, they are stocking most things short of it. Think yoghurt and fruit parfaits, chia seed puddings {in Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry}, a made-to-order healthy bakery and patisserie menu, oat bread, gluten free pizza bread, baked nachos, spinach and beetroot chips, homemade granola, salads in a jar, on the go healthy snacks {think vegetable sticks with mint green yoghurt, wholewheat pita chips and carrot hummus}, raw pastas, dry fruit, nuts and seeds, super foods, low fat cheeses, tofu, mock meats, and cold pressed juices.

So, how do you get in on this?

You stand to win a voucher worth INR 2000, and all you’ve got to do is answer the following question –  If you could pick one currently high calorie food that could miraculously be classified as super healthy, what would it be?

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