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#LBBGiveaway! Bond Over Biryani with Biryani Blues & LBB

Ipsita posted on 03 November

LBB is giving all you Gurgaon folks the chance to binge on some {actually, a lot of} biryani, courtesy Biryani Blues. And what do you do when there’s bucket-loads of biryani waiting to be devoured? You share it, of course!

No blues 'bout this biryani

With chefs who come from the land of biryanis & kormas, the food from Biryani Blues is as close to Hyderabadi cuisine as it gets. The couple who run this popular eatery are both experts in the cuisine too, so you can be doubly reassured about the food you get here.

Bulk 'em good

There’s something about big containers full of fragrant biryani that calls for a get-together, which is why we’re hosting this giveaway; all you need to do is sign up the form below and we’ll give 10 of you enough biryani to feed a gang. So whether it’s the next taash party you’re going for or a Diwali party in your office, we have your food fix for the evening.

You’re welcome.

Find out more about Biryani Blues here.

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