Everyone remembers their first date, their first job, first time they buy a house and, of course, their first anniversary. Getafix, the café that likes to blend healthy with tasty, is turning one, and wants to celebrate with you.

For Some Guilt-Free Eating

A quaint little café {with mint blue walls and cute wooden furniture} located in GK 1, Getafix is known for its use of fresh ingredients to make healthy, nutritious, and yummy food—their smoothies and sandwiches, in particular, are the bomb.

What also sets them apart is the fact that it’s intelligently designed to accommodate a lot of people while remaining spacious. The light-coloured walls give it a dreamy vibe, complemented by fairy lights and super-cute wooden furniture. Overall, the feel and look of the place is very warm and welcoming.

Great, How Do I Win?

Just fill the form below, and we’ll pick five lucky LBB readers to win a meal for two at Getafix café, M-Block, GK-1.

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