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#LBBGiveaway! Get Your Health on With Salad Days

Ipsita posted on 5th January

How easy would it be to stick to a healthy regime this New Year—if only you could have someone bring you a nutritious meal that is light on calories {and doesn’t taste like straw} once in a while? Well, we're making that happen.

After having teased us enough with their ‘only in Gurgaon’ set-up, Salad Days is finally operational in Delhi. Not just that, there’s a way all you Delhi folks can get your salads for free {or for at least for half the price} with this giveaway.

How ‘bout that, Gurgaon!

Slim pickings, no more

We’re rather picky about our salads, and Salad Days has made us very happy with what's on offer. Each order they receive is made-to-order, wherein they pluck ingredients fresh from their own farm, toss them around in their signature dressings, and deliver it to you in 45 minutes flat.

They’re about to introduce three new salads, and a new cold-pressed juice {that’s got activated charcoal in it!} to their menu, so that should sort your health cravings right out.

Salad on the house

Starting this year on a healthier note just got easier; just tell us what your health resolution is for this New Year and 10 of you will get a salad a week, free for a whole month! Want more? They're throwing in a bottle of juice to wash that salad down with as well.

Check out Salad Days here.

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