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#LBBContest! Go on the Perfect Date This Valentine’s Day with Sennheiser

Ipsita posted on 07 February

We try not to throw the word ‘perfect’ around too casually, but when it comes to going on dates, most of us have very clear ideas on what they should be. And when it comes to music, we’re probably just as particular {if not more} about the kind of headphones we prefer. Which brings us to Sennheiser’s newest headphones—the Momentum In-Ear.

What makes it the perfect pair?

While Sennheiser needs no introduction, its newest product does. The In-Ear is the newest addition to the Sennheiser Momentum family; these headphones are adaptable and ergonomic, which basically means that they’ll fit into your ears pretty well and cause no discomfort.

Plus, the acoustic components have no plastic, just stainless steel, which makes for some really powerful sound. They’re calling it the #PerfectPair. We like.

Go, get that date

Now that you have your music sorted, LBB and Sennheiser are taking care of your Valentine’s Day dating needs. What you need to do is—out of the fun pairing options we give you—tell us the pair that comes closest to describing you and your date.

Then we'll plan a date for you that'll be curated according to the answers you give. Perfect, right?

When: 14 February

Check out Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphones here.

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