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#LBBGiveaway! Win A Holiday In The Himalayas With LBB And Anant Rasa

Mary posted on 20 June

According to us, there are only two ways to beat the sweltering heat of Delhi. You can complain about it and wait for the occasional rain, OR plan a summer getaway to help you beat the heat as well as providing you with some relief from your hectic lifestyle {two birds with one shot, we would say}.

If a summer getaway in the mountains is what you're looking for, look no further. LBB, along with Anant Rasa, is giving 3 lucky couples a chance to enjoy great hospitality along with some quality time at their resort, Anant Rasa, in Almora, Uttarakhand, for three days and two nights.

The Perfect Summer Abode

Situated on the top of Syahidevi estate, Anant Rasa provides a relaxing space, bringing together the magic of nature and adventure in one place. With a spectacular 200-degree view of the Himalayan range, the sights, smells and sounds of nature are enough to lull you into a comfortable daze.

Add to that the magnificent beauty of the untouched forest and old cedar trees, and we're sure that your stay here will completely revitalise your emotional and spiritual health, away from the bedlam {and heatwave} of the city. Summer breaks do not get better than this, we say.

Great, So How Do I Win?

Just enter the competition below, and we’ll pick 3 lucky couples who’ll receive a free three days and two night stay at the Anant Rasa resort in Almora, Uttarakhand {valid till August 31, 2016}.

What are you waiting for, sign up today.

Find out more about Anant Rasa here and follow them on Facebook here.