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#LBBGiveaway! Win Gift Vouchers Worth INR 1,500 From One Friday

Mary posted on 28th April

If you really think back, there were almost no brands that catered specifically to kids when we were growing up {that really does make us feel old}. Today, with so many innovative and creative brands manufacturing clothes exclusively for children, it is but obvious that we feel a little bit jealous. And since we cannot try them on ourselves, we keep looking for excuses to buy them for our little kids, nephews, nieces and our friend's tiny tots.

So if you, like us, are completely in awe of the designs and fabrics available for these tiny tots, then One Friday is something that you should really check out; their fabrics are delicate, understated, and comfortable—just the way you envision clothes for children. From casual to formal wear, they have something that will truly make your child look like a fashionista.

Trendy Designs For Kids

Designed by a team of European designers, One Friday is a perfect blend of high fashion and affordability—whatever your child likes, you're bound to find something here. With clothes for both boys and girls, the fabric that they use is not just child-friendly but tested in mills as well.

Great! So How Can I Win?

This is the perfect opportunity to surprise tiny tots around you with something they will cherish for a very long time. All you have to do is enter the competition and we'll pick five lucky LBB readers, who will win vouchers worth INR 1,500 each from One Friday!

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