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#LBBGiveaway! Win A Holiday In Rajasthan With LBB And Orchard

Mary posted on 04 November

According to us, there are only two ways to beat the pollution levels that have skyrocketed in the capital post Diwali. You can complain about it and adjust to it, OR you can plan a quick getaway that will act as a perfect antidote to the post-Diwali hangover {two birds with one shot, we would say}.

If a getaway is what you choose, congratulations, because that's what we're thinking, too.  LBB, along with Orchard, is giving two people {along with their plus one} a chance to enjoy great hospitality at their resort in Pushkar for three days and two nights. Being just 6 - 7 hours from Gurgaon, this one makes for a perfect weekend getaway. 

Escape Into Nature

Their royal tents are meant for those who prefer rustic outdoors with lavish interiors. With its traditional interiors, the place has an undeniable Rajasthan influence as far as decor goes. Though that's not all; there are a host of things to keep you engaged and entertained at the resort. From indoor games like chess to cycling and walking tours, there are tonnes of things here that will offer you a well deserved break from the monotonous city life.

But what truly sets this resort apart is the fact that it is a true abode for nature lovers with its huge sprawling lawns and gardens. With just the right amount of peace and quiet, come here if you want to truly appreciate the simpler oddities of life and also rejuvenate your frenzied mind. May we suggest an afternoon of just watching the clouds pass by?

Check out Golghar; the dining area of the resort which offers some lip-smacking food. With ingredients sourced from local farms, the food is high on flavour and taste {also make sure you attend their barbeque evenings}.

Anything Else?

For those who love their dose of culture, the Pushkar Camel Fair is the perfect excuse to visit the town. Whether you’ve got a great eye for pictures or are someone who appreciates the country’s rich heritage, this grand affair is totally up your alley.

Great, So How Do I Win?

Just enter the competition below, and we’ll pick two lucky people who’ll receive a free three days and two nights' stay at the Orchard, along with their plus ones. What are you waiting for? Sign up today.



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