We love Delhi this time of the year. To soak in this good weather in all it’s glory, we’re suggesting some nice hideouts where you can tuck into comfort food, wrap your hands around a sweet cuppa and say, “Winter is coming.”

Triveni Terrace Cafe

The fact that it’s centrally located makes it a promising bet. Whether you’re hankering after calorie bigwigs like pakoras and aloo tikki, or looking at keeping it healthy with upma and green tea, there’s ample to feast your eyes and taste buds on.

If you have more time to kill, you can check if there’s an exhibition happening at the centre, and then pretend to make sense of the artwork over filter coffee.

What To Order: Shammi Kebab, Palak Patta Chaat

Coast Cafe

260716_5BestCafes_CoastCafe #LBBPicks: 5 Delhi Cafes That Are Picture-Perfect For Winter Afternoons

Photo source: Coast Cafe

The big French windows and a ladder full of potted plants add a touch of whimsy to this place that does great Kerala fare. But we know that chai and fried is not everyone’s jam.

So, here’s an offer you can’t refuse: Sukha Mutton Fry and Masala Chai Toddy {alcohol, hell yeah!}.

What To Order: Fish Tacos, Mustard Fries

Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe

A bit of a cultural misfit in GK, at Sakley’s you can even pretend to be in the hills. The cosy ambience, complete with log tables and a chimney will make you want to make this your retirement house.

What To Order: Penny Lane Hot Chocolate, Wolf Mountain Juicy Chicken Sizzler, Bacon Cheese Fries

Ivy & Bean

260716_5BestCafes_IvyBean #LBBPicks: 5 Delhi Cafes That Are Picture-Perfect For Winter Afternoons

Photo source: Ivy & Bean

A bookshelf, green cover and a coffee machine… What else can a man ask for when the weather is playing nice?  

What To Order: Mocha-Hazelnut Coffee, Fishermans Basket

The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

270716_5BestCafes_ThePotbellyCafe #LBBPicks: 5 Delhi Cafes That Are Picture-Perfect For Winter Afternoons

Photo courtesy: The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

Bihari cuisine is a turnaround story with this eatery. What takes the cake is that Potbelly also offers a lot of good views while you’re well-covered, both food and shelter wise. Think cheery vibes, and savour the heavenly meat pakoras at this rooftop.

What To Order: Litti Chokha, Phataka French Fries

Featured photo source: Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe


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