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#LBBPicks: The Best Of Instagram Fashion This Week

Ipsita posted on 15 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

When it comes to Instagram, we could do only one of the following two things: Blatantly lie about our addiction to it and pretend—like all pseudo intellectuals out there—that it’s a complete and utter waste of time, OR we could use all that energy to handpick the best of Instagram fashion and give you some major style inspo. Guess which one we chose?

Got some swoon-worthy style yourself? Share your street style look by tagging @LBBDelhi with #LBBStreetStylePicks and get featured!

Who would’ve thought bohemian and goth could be a winning combo?

Now this is the kind of black and blue we approve of.

Classy, chic, and so, so cool.

Add a drip pocket to a white shirt dress and you’ve got one badass piece of clothing.

Wear your A-line kurta as a dress and you’ve got your day-look sorted.

Festive mode ✨

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