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#LBBPicks: Here's A Photo Contest Where You Can Share The Best Of Nature & Win Upto Rs. 1 Lakh!

Nikita posted on 02 July

Ten Second Takeaway

Pictures have the power to change mindsets and hearts of people. If you have a shutterbug in you, YES BANK has come up with the Natural Capital Awards 2018 inviting all those who are passionate about photography, and have made natural capital preservation their utmost priority. Care about having a city with cleaner air and a more sustainable environment? Make use of the budding photographer in you and take part in any of the following categories, and you can win prizes upto INR 1 lakh. So, pick a category and let your camera do the talking!

Pixel Perfect Category

This category of awards celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature and wildlife through the art of photography. Do you travel across cities looking for beautiful landscapes that have the power to inspire the world for a better tomorrow? Start going through your best shots and choose the one that has the power to arrest a viewer’s attention and can win you INR 1 lakh. This contest is for those who have a novel way of telling a story with the help of visual imagery, and can take good photographs of biodiversity. Sounds like something you could do? Register here!

Capturing the Ganges

This one’s for those who claim themselves to be a #WaterBaby. If you think you can bring out the beauty of Ganges with the help of your lens, pick this category and go all out. Put your heart to the scenic beauty of the river and capture photos that have the capability to encourage greater interest in conversations around nature. If your photo has the power to stop someone from scrolling down the entries, you have a chance to win big.

The Trailblazer Category

Can’t pick one image from your portfolio? This one involves a storyboard. Narrate your story through a series of pictures and let the world know about your talent. For this category, make sure there is a consistency in the standard of images that you submit and, needless to say, the theme of the storyboard must be biodiversity-related. The quality of presentation and the nature of storytelling matters in this one. Bring out the storyteller in you with this contest and win big!

So, if you’re someone with an eye for beauty and a real concern for nature, this contest is worth a shot. Ready to go all 'lights, camera, action' on the world? Get ready to make a difference in the hearts and minds of people with your art. The contest is open—register now for any of the above categories.