#LBBPicks: Make A Style Statement With These 5 Uber Cool Gadgets

Shilpi posted on 09 August

Tech has never looked so good. The line between functionality and style is constantly blurring. From unique colours to limited editions, people have now started using gadgets to stand out and make a fashion statement. We are crazy enough to stand in lines for days, just so that we can get our hands on that limited-edition drop before anyone else. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of 5 products that we feel have successfully managed to blend performance and style.

Speakers — JBL Pulse 3

Upcoming pool party? No worries. These waterproof Bluetooth speakers are going to take your music listening experience to another level. Built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours with a 360° sound and light-show — walk-in to your next house party with these without being afraid of dropping them in the pool or spilling your drink on them. Available in fun gradient colours which light up with the music, JBL Pulse 3 speakers are sure to catch everyone’s eye. 

Lens Kit — Promaster Mobile Lens Kit 2.0

Chuck that DSLR and make your life easier with the Promaster Mobile Lens Kit 2.0. Amp up your mobile photography skills and feel stylish with this piece of fine gadgetry. From fisheye to macro to wide eye lenses — here’s a fun way to jazz up your Instagram feed without a professional camera.

Smartphone — OPPO F9 Pro

Long gone are the days when mobile phones were only needed for communication. Now we pretty much carry them everywhere as an indispensable part of our outfit, like a fashion accessory. Enter soon-to-be-launched OPPO F9 Pro — designed by fashion maestro Manish Arora. Available in Starry Purple, Sunrise Red and Twilight Blue gradient designs, this phone is sure to stand out no matter what you’re wearing. Its Waterdrop screen and glass unibody gives it a very stylish look, making it the perfect accessory to your OOTD. This collaboration of OPPO, with their advanced and unique technology, with the highly talented Manish Arora and his vibrant designs is one we can’t wait to check out. Keep their website for updates.

Headphones — Diesel Vektr by Monster

Whether you’re heading to the gym or out for grocery shopping, wearing the right pair of headphones is just as crucial as wearing the right outfit. Check out these sturdy and futuristic looking headsets called Diesel Vektr by Monster. The tri-fold angular design and plushy cushioning successfully keeps the music in and the noise out, while sending across some badass, no-mess vibes. Cut the cord with bad music quality and strap these on to make a fashion statement.

Gaming — Nintendo Switch

Nintendo never fails. And here’s why. They have recently come out with their latest gaming console called Nintendo Switch, and it has taken the world by storm. Even if gaming isn’t your thing, you’d want to own this only because of how cool it looks in your hands. Available in a delightful neon and blue colour combination, this console lets you experience gaming in ways you never have. Retro arcade games, on-the-go, portrait mode — experience the joy of gaming like never before.

Technology has become trendier than ever before. Lucky for us, there are a lot of gadgets out there that help us in making a bold fashion statement while making our lives easier. Got a recommendation on any awesome products of your choice? Let us know below in the comments!