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#LBBPicks: The Best Desi Visual Designers On Instagram

Himanshu posted on 19th April

While Instagram is a brilliant resource to satiate your daily cravings for some good-old photography, it also hosts some of the best illustrators and visual artists on the internet. Armed with a keen eye, a knack for composition and love for the brush {digital or an actual one}, these Indian Instagram artists are setting the standards for how it’s done.


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Based out of Mumbai, Solanki’s awe-inspiring illustrations—with themes of juxtaposition and contrast running throughout his feed—are some of our favourite on Instagram throughout the world, not just India.


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Shweta Malhotra’s minimal and colour-heavy series on Indian fashion designers is something everyone should check out. She has previously worked with the Mumbai-based design initiative, Taxi Fabric, though that’s not her only strong suit—her photography is as distinctly imaginative and minimalistic as any of her designs.


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While more popularly known for his music performances than his digital art {with his on-stage pseudonym Tarqeeb}, Ashish Jose’s Instagram is an experimental visual journey worth taking. From visualisations of grand other-wordly landscapes to messing around with basic shapes in more ways than you can imagine, this one is for those who like their art a little different.


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Alicia Souza’s designs are more doodles than full-fledged illustrations, and her quirky take on everyday problems with the help of little cartoons are worthy of a mention here.


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Her feed is as full of street photography as hand-made art, though her recently concluded dabble with the letters of the alphabet is our favourite. Check it out to know what we’re talking about!


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All of 19 years old, Priyank Gajera turns ordinary photographs into extraordinary visual treats, utilising themes like desolation and geometry in his designs to make them convey elaborate stories of their own.


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While he excels at visually breathtaking digital art like others on this list, what sets him apart from the rest is a high dose of jabbing social commentary—with even a hint of protest—in his illustrations.


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Aniruddh’s Mehta’s feed oscillates between binaries, like the symmetric and the asymmetric, the complex and the simple, and the coloured and the colourless. There’s a lot of experimental stuff to gorge on here, especially for those who like a bit of geometry in their art.

Featured image courtesy: @kunelgaur