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#LBBTests: UrbanClap Makes Life Easier

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Name of App: UrbanClap

Available on: Android and iOS. Download it here.

Their Promise: All that time and effort you put in asking a friend or looking around for a trusted service, whether it’s an electrician or a hip-hop dance class? UrbanClap will cut that in half. All you have to do is browse, search and get in touch.



Hits: Super duper easy to navigate and fast response time {from the service providers}

Misses: The chat system needs a little work- it often shows that you have a message which doesn’t show up until much later. Also the UrbanClap customer care is only available till 7pm, which in my opinion is a tad too early to call it a day.

How to: Browse a category, or search for your own, and just go through all their filters so you only receive the kind of services you need, at the cost you want.

Who it’s for: While the app is great for anyone and everyone who’s looking for a service, I’d recommend it especially if you’re new to the city/ neighbourhood, a busy parent in search of a lesson for your child, or a working man or woman strapped for time.


The app doesn’t cost anything- the service you opt for will be all you need to spend on.


Have you ever tried to look for a plumber, electrician or even a PAN card agent, especially in a new neighbourhood? I have and let me tell you folks, it ain’t easy. Navigating the minefield of service providers is possibly the most daunting task to take on. For those of you who don’t have a circle of friends or family who have ‘go-to’ guys to recommend, UrbanClap will be that friend.

Dipping a toe in

When I logged into UrbanClap for the first time, the variety I saw boggled my mind. They’ve covered any and every sort of service you could ever possibly need- from dance lessons, event planners and photographers to obscure {and hard to find} services such as sofa cleaners and astrologers. Talk about simplifying your life, huh?

And just in case that isn’t enough- you can put in your own search options or start a chat with them and ask a specific question. I’m going to say, I’m fairly amazed by the level of thought that’s been put into the discovery process. They cover {almost} all bases.

Note: I also requested a list of barber shops via the chat option because they didn’t have a separate category for it, but they weren’t able to give me the information I needed. Know that the more specific your question, the more likely you are to get an answer, but in some cases, you’ll just have to turn elsewhere for your needs.

Hit me with your best shot

I’d been hunting for keyboard instructors that would come home for a while, but I was always a tad iffy about hiring anyone without a trial class and/or recommendations. Most of the teachers I found were either too far or too expensive. So naturally, I decided to grill the folks at UrbanClap. They did not disappoint.


Once they locate instructors as per your selections on the filters, you can choose whether you’d like to share your number and let them call you, or whether you want to make the calls yourself. I spoke to a few schools, arranged trial classes and procured price points- it was a breeze.

Next up

Having recently moved to a fairly new part of the city, I was also on the hunt for a hip-hop class to join. Close proximity was my top concern because I didn’t want to waste my time travelling. I fed in my area and voila- a whole bunch popped up.

Any services they list have detailed profiles, replete with whether they offer trial classes, previous user reviews as well as how many times they’ve been hired.


Would I recommend UrbanClap to my friends, family and the newbies in town? Absolutely. Even if it doesn’t fulfil every single need, the frustration that you can forego thanks to this app is well worth it. It’s efficiency at its best; minimum effort, great quality and in record time.